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    Our Process and Terms and Conditions

    Choose Your Payment Option

    Quick Cash

    • With Quick Cash you are guaranteed to get paid within 2 days of bank processing. 
    • Check the Quick Cash payment option on the Silver Return Package Inventory and payment form when you send us your silver items. 
    • Send a voided check in your package to us. 
    • Your cash is deposited directly to your checking account, less $4.99 processing fee.
    • Please Note: By accepting the Quick Cash payment method, you waive the 15-day return policy. To qualify for the Quick Cash program, settlements must exceed $20. If settlements are below $20 a check will be sent to you.

    Check Directly To You

    • If you choose this option, we will determine the top value for your silver items and send a check for that amount directly to you.
    • The Silver Back Guarantee applies here. We will hold your items for 15 days. If you want us to return your items for any reason, don’t cash the check, call or email us within 7 days, and we’ll return your items via COD US Mail.

    Customer Identification and Recordkeeping

    • We are required to keep detailed records of all transactions, including digital photographs of all items received.
    • All customers must also provide a sworn statement that they are of legal age, the owners of the property, that they have the right to sell the items, and that all information provided by them is true and correct.
    • We include the simple forms and complete instructions with your Silver Return Package.

    110% Price Match Guarantee

    • If you receive a higher, itemized valid written offer from a nationally advertised mail-in silver buyer (who does not own or operate or is not affiliated with any retail location and who buys precious materials exclusively for its melt value) within 15 days prior or after the date of our payment to purchase the same specific silver items, we will match that offer plus pay you an amount equal to 10% of the other offer. 
    • You must notify us of the other higher offer no later than 15 days after the date of our payment to you. 

    Silver Back Guarantee

    • After you receive our check for your silver items, if you decide to have us return your silver items, notify us by email or phone within 7 days, and return our un-cashed check, and we will ship them back to you COD. 
    • This does not apply if you chose the Quick Cash payment option.

    Non-Silver Items

    • If you send us items that are not Sterling silver or are plated, we will return them to you via US Mail collect.